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Details. Details. Details; Reading the temperature of the room; Keeping focused; Formatting documents; Finding the perfect GIF for any situation.

Tools of the trade:
Hold your breath! Chrome, Trello, Slack, Basecamp, Google Apps, Harvest, BrowserStack, Pandora and………..good old-fashioned email.

What is your project management style?
Trust. Building trust among teammates and with clients fosters a positive working environment where micromanagement doesn’t need to rear its ugly head. My approach is always, “What do we need to do to get this done and get it done correctly?” In my past experiences as a video producer to my current role at I-SITE, my goal is always to do great work with a great team. The logistics are just the path to get there.

The Perfect Client?:
A “perfect” client appreciates the effort and expertise our team brings to the table and works collaboratively with us to make the project as successful as possible. On the flip side, they’re the experts within their field, so we appreciate the knowledge and perspective they bring to the project, as well.

How is managing a web project similar to managing a video project?
Web projects and video projects are fundamentally similar. At the end of the day, projects are finite: they begin, they end, and there are hundreds of things that need to happen in between. Each requires a dedicated individual or team, client collaboration, and actual production to achieve the best result possible.

How is managing a web project completely different from managing a video project?
Web projects are living, breathing things that require much more attention post-launch than videos. Ongoing support, for months and years after a project goes live, is critical to maintaining a website.

With video, once you export your final project, share it with your client, and upload it to a streaming site, you’re pretty much good to go. On the other hand, the internet can take a beautifully designed and developed website and essentially say, “Nope! That feature shouldn’t work anymore. Let’s add a bug here…one over there. HA! Joke’s on you, nerds.”

Props to my teammates. These guys know what’s up!

Dream project:
My dream project would be to work on something TV related. Doesn’t really matter what show or genre, I just love television.

Future technology prediction:
I predict that the necessity and expectancy of website redesigns, refreshes, and microsites will become the new normal. Today, everyone that needs a website probably has one, despite what it looks like or how it functions. It’s going to be more pressing than ever to keep up with technology and websites will more quickly become and feel dated.

Adopting the mindset where it’s understood that content already exists from an organization’s online presence is a must. Determining what to do with older content from existing brands to produce something fresh and exciting will become much more a part of the conversation between clients and producers.

I also predict an activity tracker that is built into shoes. Because, duh.