Steve Mangione Exposed

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Posted by: Ian


Skills? – I am an HTML/CSS wizard (everything from the newest CSS tricks to convoluted table structures from the late 90s). I also love organizing large amounts of information and features into an efficient final product. And I make a pretty mean mix tape, if I do say so myself.

Project Most Proud of? – I love the diversity of projects that we do, but some of the ones I am most proud of are our non-profit clients like the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians and the Anacostia Watershed Society. They aren’t always the biggest or flashiest sites, but these clients give us a chance to design a clean, elegant site that I know is making a real difference to the users. The Anacostia site did just win the Web Marketing Association Best of Industry award for “Best Non-Profit Website,” so that’s always nice too.

Tools of the Trade? – I honestly don’t know how I did web development before Firebug was released for Firefox. It makes debugging HTML and CSS so much easier and has saved me countless hours. To do what I do, I need a good text editor (BB Edit has always been a fav), two monitors for juggling lots of open windows, some sweet tunes and a cup of Earl Grey.

Favorite Guitar? – Right now I play an ESP LTD that I’m really happy with, but anything that stays in tune and doesn’t break a string while I’m playing is good by me!

Dream project? – I’m a big record collector, and I would love to work on a project cataloging obscure music from around the world. Of course there’s so much out there, this is the kind of thing I could end up spending the rest of life working on…

Future Technologies? – 5 years ago I didn’t even have a cell phone, and now I can’t live without my iPhone. With all the apps available, I actually use it most to go on Wikipedia and other reference sites to quench my thirst for knowledge on the go. I’m excited about the future of mobile data cataloging. Twitter and FourSquare are just the tip of the iceberg . I see so much untapped potential for submitting and updating data on the move. And I would love for someone to develop a convenient (and safe) way for me to use my mobile device while riding my bike.

Best I-SITE Retreat moment? – Seeing the stars of the clear Icelandic night sky while in a geothermal hot tub will be a hard one to beat.