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Back-end and front-end development, cross-browser optimization, juggling.

Tools of the Trade:

Text editor with syntax highlight, browser developer tools, version control software, headphones, and a notepad and a pen.

What is your development style:

Careful planning and rapid deployment with a healthy dose of perfectionism.

What project are you most proud of:

A Tetris clone written in assembly language in 2000. In one night.

Most recently – apeAPP, not only an interesting and challenging project to work on, but also for a good cause.

Dream project:

I’ve had several over the years: “smart home” hardware/software (2001), mobile websites (2004); today it would be something that can actually make a difference in the real world.

Future technology prediction:

Not-so-ugly and actually functional wearables that eventually will surpass their infant gimmicky stage.

What are the parallels between Soccer and Programming:

You need to plan several steps ahead, anticipate what can possibly happen before it does, and adapt quickly to changes.

And while coding I do a lot of typing.

Who do you think is going to win FIFA World Cup?

As we are nearing the knockout round in the first week of July, the group stage was already one of the most entertaining sporting events in recent memory (I’ll say last 20 years), and the best part hasn’t even started! Upsets, surprises, tons of goals, probably the fastest scoring/counter-scoring in recent history, controversial calls (and no-calls), biting, among other things… at this point I’d have to go with home advantage of Brazil, but in football anything can (and will – see last 30 seconds of the USA vs Portugal game) happen, so we could be looking at Argentina-Germany final after all.

Then I’d just have to bet on the best player in the world and keep my fingers crossed.

Argentina (please, don’t tell Ian :P).