Liz Kelly, Exposed

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While I am certainly well-versed in many aspects of graphic design, my particular areas of expertise would be web/mobile/print design, UX, branding, exhibit design, and production.

Tools of the Trade:

My ideas usually come to life using all or any combination of the following in no particular order: a good pencil (Ticonderoga please), some graph paper, PS/AI, occasionally an Xacto knife, and my headphones that are most likely playing soul or dance.

What is your design process?

It usually starts with pin-pointing the problems which need solving, whether it’s getting a user to interact with a site in a certain way or creating something new and fun which elevates a brand.  I am inspired by the process of comparing and contrasting current examples and then I move onto creating a moodboard.  Next I begin sketching and wireframing, and my personal favorite – talking it out with anyone who will listen, even my 3 year-old beagle.  It helps to talk to people who know what I’m talking about, yet is refreshing to get the most inspiration or ‘brain spark’ from someone who isn’t a designer or developer… such as my (other) dog.

Where do you generate the most inspiration from?

Coffee. Beer. Bacon (and eggs. and cheese. on an everything bagel). Puppies. People-watching (doing my best not to be creepy of course). Everything, really.

Dream Project:

I would love to be involved in creating some sort of technologically innovative, interactive virtual presentation or exhibit in which the user is able to interact with a physical space.  I still have a love for the tangible print design world so merging the digital and the physical worlds would be awesome.

Future Design Prediction:

Responsive design for all.

Wild-card Question: If you could have a beer with any one person, living or not, who would it be?

Theres are way too many people to name but I feel like a conversation (over beers at a pub) with Ben Franklin would be the most ‘eye-opening’ and definitely super long…Dude knew something about everything!