Sean-Paul Fenton Exposed

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Meet Sean-Paul, our Web and Flash developer who drums to a different beat

Skills? – I work with PHP, XHTML, Javascript and JQuery, but my main babies are Flash and ActionScript. I’m also handy with graphics programs as well. I can wield the pen tool with the best of ‘em. Along with building websites, I can also inundate you with blues rock riffs and drum solos channeled straight from ‘71.

Project Most Proud of? – I would have to say the soccer Air app. It was my biggest project to date, and my first video game. Once it was built, I was able to chalk up all past video game playing as ‘research’. I’m in the process of reprogramming it with additional players, namely the I-SITE staff.

Tools of the Trade? – In addition to all of the code I write, a good open source code library is the way to go. My favorites are CASAlib by Aaron Clinger and Tweener by Zeh Fernando. I couldn’t live without Tweener. It’s the secret to making things zip around and look super awesome.

Favorite Kit? – I’m not a gear head by any stretch of the imagination. Cracked gnarly kits are the way to go. If you can keep it sounding good while looking like it was strapped to the back of a dune buggy from Beyond Thunderdome, you’ve got it. Currently I’m playing a Tama Swingstar and a Premier XPK.

Dream project? – I’m a fan of any good Flash project. The more creative freedom, and the more experimental the design, the happier I am. I love experimental navigation. NxtUp was a great project for that. I paced around the room getting my head wrapped around the algorithm for the calendar. If Jimmy Page walked into the office and said he’s chosen us to do a 200k Flash project that spaces folks out more than a backwards Jimi Hendrix solo, that’s one dream answered.

Future Technologies? – Everything’s moving towards the next tier of Web development. This includes HTML 5 and CSS 3. I can’t wait for these languages to become the standard. Though there’s been a huge debate about Flash vs. HTML 5 and the canvas tag, I don’t believe you need to choose between one or the other. I’m all about picking the right tool for the job, and each one of these technologies have advantages and disadvantages.

I-SITE United vs Old City Athletic Club? – I’m making two wishes this year. That the temperature stays above 50°, and that my old muscles don’t give out on me like last year. Oh. Wait. One more. That I pull off a miraculous bicycle kick to score the winning goal. That’s it.