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Brandywine Realty Trust

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Tech Specs

  • Custom Mapping
  • Video

Brandywine Realty Trust, one of the largest, publicly traded, full-service, integrated real estate companies in the United States, partnered with I-SITE to create a new dynamic and highly visual corporate website.

The I-SITE team brought its extensive experience in planning and building unique websites that are rich in both storytelling and data. Brandywine’s brought their industry-leading deep-seated commitment to responsible and sustainable environmental and social strategies, and track record of creating physical spaces that catalyze connection, collaboration, and innovation.

Early in planning the teams worked closely to develop a leaner, more relevant site navigation to segment the target audience’s interests. This also included discovery and creation of a technical plan for the building of a robust, flexible section featuring all of the properties in their 24 million square foot portfolio.

3001 JFK Boulevard property

The Brandywine team also wished to highlight some of the large-scale, multi-phase, mixed-use developments as well as their focus on corporate responsibility. The I-SITE team organized the content in a clean, flexible navigation and responsive page design that works optimally on all desktop and mobile devices.

Some of the highlights of the website include:

  • Clean, attractive responsive design that highlights the properties and developments
  • Robust property listings integrated with Brandywine’s back end data systems
  • Custom map and filtering for all the properties in the portfolio
  • Highly modular templates providing great flexibility for the site editors

Drupal 8 was selected as the CMS based on the expandability, security and administration requirements for the website. The site is hosted on I-SITE’s favored hosting platform Pantheon.

Post-launch the I-SITE team continues to support the website and is working closely with the Brandywine team to optimize the current platform and add new content and features that meet their marketing goals.