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Posted by: Steve


Multi-tasking, communications, social media

Tools of the Trade:
My laptop—it goes everywhere with me.

Project most proud of:
Managing The Trestle Inn marketing and social media. The restaurant and bar business was uncharted territory for me, but after watching this unique Whiskey & Go Go bar evolve from a vacant building to a thriving entertainment venue, I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of it.

Being involved with the marketing has been an amazing learning experience that has allowed me to tap into all aspects of communication. Writing press releases about Drag Queen brunches, Facebooking & Tweeting (until I can no longer post or tweet anymore), forming relationships with the best press in Philly, and working with an amazing graphic designer is pretty much a marketer’s dream. I have gained some very valuable skills from this project and cannot wait to see where we take the brand next!

Dream Project:
I think it would be really exciting to help land another big Downtown Alliance as a client of I-SITE. Similar to marketing a bar or entertainment venue, there are many layers to marketing a downtown…branding, websites, iPhone apps, social media and more.

Future technology prediction:
I think digital marketing and social business will continue to grow and change the way we communicate with one another. Businesses are realizing social media has become more of a science rather than an art form. If used in the right way, it can be extremely efficient and effective for your business.

Favorite I-SITE moment:
Creating the TURBOQUO video to send to our clients and friends over the holidays. While I hardly consider myself an actress, drinking a few beers and watching Stove put on a wizard costume was enough to keep me involved.