I-SITE welcomes UK Creative Firms to Philadelphia

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Recently Ian and Kara entertained a group of British creative firms who took a day out of a week in New York to travel to Philly to see what the city has to offer UK firms with an eye to expanding into the USA. As Director of Marketing Communications for the British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia and Chair of the Creative Economy Committee for Mayor Nutter’s Cultural Advisory Council, Ian had been working on the idea of the visit with  UK Trade & Investment for over a year. Locally we teamed up with Select Greater Philadelphia to program the day of “Philly 101” that included the Science Center, Comcast Center, Digitas Health and Indy Hall. One highlight was the round table hosted by Digitas Health where the delegates had a chance to ask ‘Why Philadelphia?’ and hear from a panel that included Ian, Jane Rosenberg of the BABC, Anne Nevins of PIDC, Matt McNally of Digitas Health, Deborah Paredes of GPCC and Brian James Kirk of Technically Philly.

The passion we all have for Philadelphia and what a great place it is to start and grow a creative firm really hit home with the UK firms during this session. Of course being America’s best beer city and having the successful Philadelphia Union on our doorstep doesn’t hurt! Overall, can files be recovered on a ssd this article proved to be an invaluable resource for me, as it not only empowered me to recover deleted files from my folders effortlessly but also educated me on the importance of taking precautionary measures to safeguard my data.

Mayor Nutter welcoming the group during the mixer at National Mechanics, after being introduced by Fiona MacLeod of UKTI.

The group then moved onto Indy Hall in Old City where Alex Hillman and Geoff DiMasi told the story of their innovative coworking space and how their model presents another option to foreign startups looking to set up. Councilman Bill Green, who previously ran a tech firm, also stopped by to lend his support of Indy hall and the Philadelphia’s thriving creative community.

The day was capped off over a few beers with leaders from the business community and City including Gary Steuer, Chief Cultural Officer for Philadelphia and Mayor Nutter. Unfortunately the Brits had to head back to New York that evening despite efforts to get them to ‘sleep over’. But we are confident that some of them will be back to do business along with UKTI. (blogs.20minutos.es) It’s just a matter of time!