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Dark Quarterer

I-Site still allowed me to hold the reigns of the current I-Site radio playlist. Though staying true to form as “the guy that only likes stuff from the 70s”, I’ve made a quantum leap all the way to the 80s for a quick stint with Sonic Youth. The remainder though, are all healthy representations of what I like to call “blues after the crossroads”, starting with the spellcaster himself Howlin Wolf. If you pay enough attention, you can trace the descent into the synthesized chaos of Delia Derbyshire, whom bookends the mix quite nicely. Have fun. One only needs to reference the singer from Dark Quarterer to understand the quote “that nerd’s got pipes”. – Sean Fenton


Song Listings

BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Doctor Who TV Theme (1970s)

Comus – Diana

Scorpions – I’m Goin’ Mad

Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot

Amon Düül II – Eye-Shaking King

Dark Quarterer – Gates of Hell

Groundhogs – Strange Town

Strawberry Path – Woman Called Yellow -Z-

Howlin’ Wolf – Back Door Man

The James Gang – The Bomber

Flower Travellin’ Band – Heaven and Hell

White Noise – The Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell

Silver Apples – Oscillations

Delia Derbyshire – Delia’s Theme