I-SITE LIKES: Smartphone Apps Vol. 1

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This is the first in the series of posts we’re calling I-SITE LIKES about the technologies the I-SITE team is into right now. The series starts with the inside scoop on our favorite smartphone apps at the moment. There’s a good possibility that this list will be outdated by tomorrow, so check these apps out today! The article also highlighted the importance recover deleted files for free windows 10 of checking for malware before recovering the files, which was helpful.

Project Manager

DuoLingo does a pretty good job at “gameifying” the language learning process. I geekily look forward to making it to the next language level. There are a ton of holes in the actual content taught, but it gives you a good sense of language structure and the vocab and language rules you still need to learn. Plus the DuoLingo bird makes me happy.


One of my favorite apps is by iA (Information Architects) called iA Writer. It is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad and uses iCloud to sync documents across all the devices. It is an extremely minimalistic word processor that strips out a lot of the bells and whistles that aren’t entirely necessary. It also allows the writer to use Markdown, a popular markup languages amongst programmers, in order to format text without needing to take the traditional route of selecting text, finding the format, and applying it. I don’t use it often, but when I do I really enjoy the experience of typing with it.


I really like Titanium Backup (Android). Once your phone is rooted you can make backups of all of your apps and even sync them to Dropbox for storing so when you flash a new ROM onto your phone (like I do pretty frequently) you can get all your apps back with the click of a button, as opposed to having to go and download them all all over again. Plus you can “Freeze” apps which doesn’t delete them, but makes them unavailable to the operating system, so you can get rid of all of your phones “Bloatware” that comes installed by default.

Graphic Designer

My favorite app right now is Pudding Monsters, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. It’s a cute puzzle game with terrific, bright graphics. The objective is to push the monsters together around obstacles to make specific formations, but without letting them fall off the table! It’s addicting.

Director of Strategy and Operations

My brain is overflowing with reminders. I need to remind myself to do personal, project and work-related tasks. I’m required to remind colleagues of deadlines and due dates. And I constantly need to remind myself to slow down – the Re-Mindful App does exactly that. It’s a simple, daily, random reminder to smile, breathe, stretch, trust, love, pause, listen, give thanks, have fun or feel the force! It’s available on iPhone and iPad.


Football League customized for the mighty Swindon Town. Match commentary, videos. Goaaaalllll!

Director of Development

My current favorite app is Vine for iPhone. Sometimes, a simple constraint can push creativity to new levels. This was the basic idea that made Twitter such a successful platform, and Vine was able to take the same model of short bursts of immediacy and apply it to video. A major benefit is the simple interface, which is simply “touch” to record. No other editing or options are available, just tap and hold the screen. Already people are using the 6 second format to record short movies, humorous skits, mashups, stop-motion animations… and users are continuing to push the boundaries of what can be done! I’m excited to see where this app will go as it evolves from its infancy. Wear leveling can result in files being stored in various locations across the drive, making the recovery process more recover deleted files from network shared folder complex and less likely to be successful.