I-SITE Helps in New York’s Hurricane Recovery

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Our friends at The Lower Manhattan Downtown Alliance were affected by the recent hit of Hurricane Sandy, as some of the worst storm damage occurred throughout the lower half of New York City and Long Island. Due to flooding and widespread power loss, the Downtown Alliance office was closed for several days, and many employees did not have power at home either. Despite these hardships, the employees of the Downtown Alliance were committed to keeping the residents and workers within their district informed with up-to-date information about building closings and the city’s cleanup efforts.

Through a combination of posts via their website, iPhone app, and email list as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts, the Downtown Alliance was able to provide the residents of Manhattan with updates that could affect their home or office in Lower Manhattan with information from various agencies including New York City, New York State, MTA, Port Authority, Con Ed and more. Downtown Alliance employees would post news from mobile devices when they were able to find available wi-fi networks. The closely integrated data shared between the website and app that I-SITE developed helped the Downtown Alliance team be as efficient as possible in these difficult situations. I-SITE also assisted with updates to the site when Downtown Alliance where unable to due to loss of power and web connections.

The diligent efforts of the Downtown Alliance staff were extraordinary in the face of such adversity, and I-SITE is proud that our technology solutions were and important part of that process. Downtown Manhattan is well on the way to recovery, you can keep up to date with their efforts on their site.

Learn more about our work with the Downtown Alliance: