Flex to Sencha with Ted Patrick

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Last night Philadelphia’s Flash User Group and Coldfusion group hosted a meetup to introduce its community to their Ext JS and Touch frameworks. The Sencha product line allows developers to create robust web applications using core browser technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. The great thing about this is that it provides the ability to use the same code base to provide both native applications and web applications cross platform. With the surge of mobile devices and the range of their specifications (ie. screen size, native language, browser types) the Sencha framework takes care of cross-browser and cross-platform nuances. This allows for fluid-resizing for different resolutions and orientations as well as specific ways of handling features on each device to make them as responsive as possible.

Photo by Rob Hall. @rhall

Thanks to these two groups for hosting the event and to Ted Patrick (@__ted__) for taking the time to give this lecture. For more information about the Sencha product line, visit www.sencha.com.