Android Alliance Meetup

Categories: Events, Shop Talk

Posted by: Chris


Last night Sean and I attended the 2nd meetup of the Android Alliance here in Philadelphia (@androidphilly). The meetup was hosted on the 45th floor of the Comcast building and featured Arpit Mathur and Frank Panko as speakers for the event.

Arpit (@arpit) gave a good talk about design patterns, or paradigms, that have developed over-time on mobile devices. Highlighting different ways in which users interact, such as dashboard views, pivot views, and overall layout of key interactive elements, Arpit provided a great evaluation as to why certain methods have succeeded and others have failed.

Frank Panko (@aviewfrommyseat), developer of A View From My Seat, took a bit more technical of an approach to his talk. He provided a great introduction to utilizing XML in Android development to keep projects organized, efficient, and small. It was a fantastic starting point as a person interested in Android development to understanding good practices for starting new projects.

Check out slides from the event and visit the Google group for Android Alliance. Looking forward to the next meetup!